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france's foreign minister calls time.
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japan's conservative party returns to power crushing its opponents. and the web site which reveals just how heavily london was bombed in world war ii. thank you for joining us. heavily-armed police have evacuated a church where mourners had gathered in at the wake of the u.s. school shooting. president barack obama is preparing to travel to midtown -- to newtown to console the families of the victims that include 20 children. john, what do we actually know right now about this threat?
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>> i am not sure that i would make all that much of it. i am afraid to say that bomb threats are a way of life in this country when there is a major and national story on. people tend to take it upon themselves to do this kind of thing. nonetheless, this is the catholic church behind me and there was a service going on on sunday morning when the world's media count out outside, including al jazeera english, so people running out looking quite frightened. we're told there was a bomb threat. we have pictures of this. you can see from these pictures the police and military turning up in serious-looking vehicles and sealing off the church and they are still presently conducting a search. they also searched a school situated near by the church building. no word whether they found anything or not, but the president is coming to newtown later today for a memorial
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service for the families of the victims. this will make his visit that much more tight when it comes to security issues. >> police have also issued warnings about something else, miss reporting on social media. what is that about? >> this is amazing. we learned today from the connecticut state police. they're people on facebook and twitter who have taken upon themselves to impersonate the police and put out misleading information. they had more to say about this in a news conference a short time ago. >> we want to make sure that it is perfectly clear that social media web sites that contain information relative to this case are not being posted by the connecticut state police, are not being posted by the newtown police, are not being posted by any authorities in this case. any of that information and people who are putting information up there in any
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manner that can be construed as a violation of state and federal law will be prosecuted. >> that is the lieutenant col vance of the connecticut the state police. the survivors will have a terrible story to tell for the rest of their lives. cat turner now reports to >> this is a day will never forget. within a few terrifying minutes, chris fina went from teaching her students to protecting them. >> we gathered under the table and just listened to nonstop gunfire happening right outside the door knowing that gunfire was showering the hallways and the classrooms and it was nonstop. >> 9-year-old twins remember being led out of the school prayer >> when the policeman came in to get us, the -- out of
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the school. >> when the policeman came in to get as, he told us to cover our eyes. and just go out. >> once the scene was secured and students had evacuated from the building, medical staff rushed in, but there's not much left to do. >> this is the darkest thing that i have ever walk into by far. i have been through medical training, which has taught me a lot about dealing with stressful situations and this is the darkest thing i have ever experienced in my life. it is very traumatic and just horrific a >> we now know the names of the 26 victims -- just horrific. >> we now know the names of the 26 victims and have been given a glimpse into their lives. >> she always had something kind to say about anybody.
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and her love and the strength that she gave us an example that she showed us was remarkable. >> they were 6-year-old little girls. they had for the parties. they wore dresses. they were pretty bows in their hair. they played a dress up princess's. they knew their abc and knew how to count. they knew had to be kind to others. >> victorious votto's home town is also in morning. home town isoto's also in morning. she hid her students. the gunman that they were in the gym. she was shot dead. her students survived. >> you could go to her and ask for a hug and she would open her arms. >> and instinctively selfless act to protect the young in the last moments of her own life. >> back to john now, over the
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past 24 hours of so, police were hinting that they perhaps knew something about adam lanza's motive for the shooting. any more news on that front? >> a little bit. the police are playing their cards very close to their chest -- their words, not mine. what they have said is that, at both crime scenes, the school and the house where nancy lanza was murdered by her son, they found good evidence to suggest a motive. but they said in that news conference that they are not yet ready to discuss what that is. however, it has been widely reported here that the police have begun searching the home were adam lanza lived with his mom nancy and found it to be in pristine condition, beautifully laid out, very clean. but there were two computers in their that were completely smashed to smithereens. we don't know what that means
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but it is being widely reported that that is what happened. >> the latest from newtown, connecticut, thank you. several people have been injured in a series of explosions in kenya. details are coming in slowly, but we do know that it happened in a district of the capital nairobi it is a particularly somali neighborhood that has suffered recent attacks. let's get more from our correspondent in nairobi. i am told you actually heard the explosion. tell us what you heard. >> i can confirm to you that one person has died and six people were seriously injured in this incident. we understand three hand grenades were thrown from speeding cards.
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there was a stampede as well. police arrived pretty quickly and closed off the area trying to evacuate people from the area and to track down the people responsible for what happened. this comes a week after a similar grenade attack on a mosque which seriously injured one person and killed several people. >> do we have any idea who was behind it or who could be behind it? >> it is not clear at the moment. it is likely the previous attacks, the kenyan government has blamed them on the armed
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solely group al-shabab -- armed somali group al-shabab. the canyons do blame the somali community for the -- the somaliame the similarit community and for the violence. they are being urged to leave to refugee camps. they fear that somalis at security risks. this is a very early stage in this particular attack to know who is responsible >> the latest from nairobi. thank you. syrian forces have bombed a mosque in damascus. one report says the 25 people have died. the area is home to thousands of palestinian refugees. it comes as the french foreign
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minister says he believes the end is near for president assad. muhammed has more. >> the carnage and the city left in their wake. activists say that dozens of people were killed when at least one rocket hit this mosque. they say that most of the .asualties were civilians > >> there is a large number of dead and injured. for now, so many civilians are trying to run away. >> more than 500,000 palestinian refugees in syria live here. but the cast also include members of the liberation of the palestinian general command. their leader is said to leave
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anti-chairman forces. is the first time it was hit. the president's forces have been fighting for weeks. activists say that the air strike on the campus the sixth such attack in the area. the videos show the damage caused by continuous artillery and rocket chilling in this city. many residential buildings were destroyed. shellings in thisng'rocket city. many residential buildings were destroyed. many of the dead included women and children. sunday's attack came as rebels fought to gain ground in and near damascus and beyond.
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>> at least six people have been killed in a series of bomb blast in northern iraq. at least 25 more were wounded in the ethnically-mixed city. the area has some of the world's largest oil reserves of this, which is at the heart of a dispute between the arab-led government and the ethnic kurds who run their own autonomous region. still to come on the program, guilty of dishonest conduct peer the former british army doctor who failed to protect iraqi detainee. and one of the most famous actors in france. >> will command to your international weather forecast.
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peru to bolivia, we expect some pretty heavy rain. you see the mountain trillion hansel of the rain happening now. this is the forecast -- you see the mountain terrain really enhance the rain happening now. this is the forecast. down here towards buenos aires, showers for you and we expect to see 26 degrees. not a lot of clouds across the region. maybe some showers starting to push appear toward kingston. but toward montego bay, we expect it to stay dry. for the southeastern part of the united states, we do expect to see quite a bit of weather pushing through the next couple days. out of texas, along the gulf coast, you see all of these clouds. dallas has seen the rain
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already. on monday, you will see some heavy rain showers across atlanta. temperatures will get only to about 19 degrees here in washington and towards new york.
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throwing them on fire. >> here is a recap of the top stories on al jazeera para natures that president obama is due to speak get in connecticut received a bomb threat. but no bomb was found. several people have been injured
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in a series of explosions in kenya. the blast occurred in the easily district of the capital nairobi. the area has suffered a number of grenade attacks in recent months. japan's prime minister has conceded defeat in parliamentary elections. the opposition conservative party won more than two-thirds of the seats in the lower house. opposition groups in egypt are calling for the results of friday's referendum to be thrown out and have claims of fraud. a second round is due to be held next saturday. >> this is where the road to the referendum began. nearly two years of the revolution, there are still protesters in tahrir square.
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>> we said no to the manner in which they chose to govern egypt as if their authority was the only one. this should never be the way the country is ruled. the right way is for the people to take our. >> but away from the square, in others drink their t with satisfaction -- their tea with satisfaction. >> i voted yes after i read the constitution, even though i am against the ideology of the muslim brotherhood. i was convinced not just because i want stability, but also because the constitution is a good. even if 70% of it is good, we can work on the remaining 30% as long as we move forward. >> there have been complaints about what procedures at many polling stations. these will be investigated by the high electoral commission,
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the body that will eventually ratified the poll. but there's still another round to go. another 25 million registered voters will have the opportunity to affirm or deny. the only certainty at this stage is that the country will be as divided after the referendum as it was before. mike hanna, al jazeera, cairo. >> and monitoring events in cairo, laurie, when we spoke, even last night, when the polls closed, already there were accusations of discrepancies had now we see more complaints. tell us what they are about. >> that is true. in fact, we have one mass of discrepancy, which essentially what the opposition is saying was the results of the first round of voting and with the unofficial voting figures say was the result of the first round of voting. those unofficial figures from the polling stations, from the ballot boxes seem to suggest that 56% of the people voting in
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a 10 governors actually went to the ballot box yesterday on saturday and voted yes in favor of the constitution. the opposition is countering that, a 66% of people voted no against the constitution. the have not backed up that claim with any breakdown of why they have come to that figure. we will have official results. a second round of voting on the 22nd of december. but they are saying that there were numerous irregularities, things that they have seen, like dead people on the ballot papers. they have seen what they claim were and stamped ballots and unauthorized people supervising the ballots and monitoring stations as well. there is a long list of complaints they have of how the vote went. one thing that is interesting is that it looked yesterday, when we were going out and seeing all of these huge long lines outside
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the polling stations, but this was a huge turnout. it does not look like it was bare it was only may be over 30% of the people turning out to vote. that is surprising. that is less than the turn for the last two parliamentary and presidential elections. it seems that, rather than voting yes or no in this referendum, the majority of egyptians have shunned the procedure altogether, in essence saying that both the government and the opposition, a pox on both your houses. >> after three years in opposition, and japan's conservatives have been returned to power after winning a landslide victory in the country's parliamentary elections. the liberal democratic party which ruled japan for 50 years before being dumped in 2009 is forecast to win two-thirds of the parliament. >> as results come income in
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japanese politics are taking a shift to the right, bringing this former prime minister back into the spotlight. expected to become his country's eighth prime minister in over six years, his conservative ldp party is predicted to take two- thirds of the season japan's lower house in conjunction with the junior coalition partner. >> people probably came back to the party that they were familiar with. also, i would like to point out that ldp is an old party tradition. >> for many, it was the state of the economy that influenced them at the polling stations. >> restoring the economy is the most important issue and the ldp can be trusted to do that. >> this woman also took ldp.
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the country must stand up for itself and be strong, she said, echoing the views of many in japan that the ldp will restore national pride. this election is a dramatic defeat for prime minister yoshi hikunoda. and the emerging as a major force in national politics, the outspoken nationalist of the japan restoration party is predicted to become the third largest pure conservative and nationalist candidates have been helped in the selection by recent spats between japan and its asian neighbors. china in particular. the question now is will they back up tough talks with tough action once in office. ruling african's national congress party is meeting to choose its next leader. the current party leader is
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being challenged by his deputy. thousands of delegates are meeting for the summit held every five years. but they are facing criticism for corruption and infighting. a former british army doctor is found guilty of misconduct. the charges date back to 2003 when hotel receptionist died after being arrested by british soldiers in bazra. >> he had only been at his job as the british regimental medical officer for two months when he was presented with a case of baha musa. the last 36 hours were spent being beaten. as musa was dying, the doctor tried to treat him, but that is nothing more than a bloody nose
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but he had 96 injuries, including fractured ribs and a broken nose. he has been found guilty of misleading and dishonest conduct by u.k. medical tribunal. the verdict is another victory. their father's death brought one of the largest increase in the british army. this is was not unique. it prompted a wider inquiry about the treatment of iraqi detainees. the doctor now worsen in medical practice in northern england. he has always denied any wrongdoing. >> the blitz was a bombing campaign during the second world war which almost brought london to its knees. now the designers of an interactive map that shows where every bomb was dropped has been overwhelmed by popularity with
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millions of people from around the world visiting. >> they were the darkest days in london's long history when the bullets hit, more than a million houses destroyed and many of the landmarks. now this web site helps us understand what happened. each red dot marks where a bomb fell on london. there are 31,000 dots in all. the website designers painstakingly matched all maps with today's street grid to pinpoint exactly the locations. the popular response has been overwhelming. >> even though the war is far enough away for it to be unimaginable to my generation, it is also close enough to still be relevant and have people engaged and interested because it is such an important moment
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in our history. >> the reason why this was said is so popular is that it helps loners like me to connect to the past in it -- helps londoner's like me to connect to the past. through the web site, i learned that a bomb fell about a hundred yards from where i now live in the winter of 1941. it fell year and destroyed the old 19th century houses. you can see there are more modern post-war block in its place. this woman who's 97 years old was injured in 1940 when the bomb fell on the factory where she was working. she did not think that young people today would be so interested in the blitz. >> that surprises me really. because there's so much going on in the world. that is not very good. bombs are dropping all over the world, they? >> london was rebuilt after the
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war to become the city we know today. in the and, allied bombing brought even worse destruction to some german cities. they, too, have been comprehensively rebuild. comprehensively rebuild. but the second
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